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Expert Repair Service

Should You Get Commercial HVAC Repair Or Replace Service?

Many times the answer to this question depends on factors particular to your situation. How long do you plan to own the facility? How high are your energy bills? Are you able to invest in your facility, or are you in a cash crunch? These things must be considered along with the price difference between repair and replacement. We are prepared to discuss these issues with you, and to give you the information you need to make the best decision for your company.

Why Does Seasonal AC Maintenance Matter?

  •         Prevents major breakdowns
  •         Boosts efficiency
  •         Lowers your energy bill
  •         Improves indoor air quality
  •         Prolongs lifespan of your unit
  •         Maintains manufacturer warranty
  •         Ensure family safety & comfort
  •         Peace of mind

Signs Your AC/Heating System Needs to Be Serviced

  •         Air conditioner is not cooling properly
  •         Heater or furnace isn’t working
  •         Pockets of cold or warm air
  •         Spike in your monthly energy bill
  •         Water marks in ceiling
  •         Poor indoor air quality
  •         Low coolant levels
  •         Over a year since last tune-up

Quality, Efficiency, Experience

Dynamite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd provides Edmonton and the surrounding areas with high quality, low cost furnace and air conditioning service.
Our Heating and Air Conditioning servicing area includes Edmonton, Ardrossan, Ryley, Holden, Camrose, Tofield, and Sherwood Park.

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