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Commercial Cooling Services

Dynamite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, can provide service for any need relating to central air conditioning for your office.
Our Complete Cooling Services:

  •  HVAC preventative maintenance contracts   
  • Air Conditioning maintenance and service
  • Air Conditioning instillation and replacement

There are important benefits to commercial air conditioning maintenance:

  •         Efficiently running systems cost less to operate than their poorly maintained counterparts
  •         A properly maintained air conditioner has a longer lifespan than one that has been neglected
  •         Regular maintenance helps prevent and identify problems before they can affect your business
  •         Improves air quality for your employess

Did you know there are many routine commercial air conditioning maintenance tasks you can perform yourself?

  •         Keep your system clean – Blocked airflow reduces efficiency. Clean the fins around your outdoor condensing unit with a soft broom to remove debris. Clear away weeds, plants, leaves, and other trash surrounding the unit.
  •         Keep a maintenance log – Even if it's just a simple calendar, track performed and upcoming maintenance needs to ensure they are not overlooked.

Air Conditioning Repair, Replacement & Maintenance

Looking for a new unit? Determining the types of air conditioners that fits your needs, how many units to purchase, and their location on your property are all important decisions.

Dynamite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd provides Edmonton and the surrounding areas with high quality, low cost furnace and air conditioning service.
Our Heating and Air Conditioning servicing area includes Edmonton, Ardrossan, Ryley, Holden, Camrose, Tofield, and Sherwood Park.