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Commercial Cooling Services

Dynamite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd, can provide service for any need relating to central air conditioning for your office.
Our Complete Cooling Services:

  •     24-Hour Air Conditioning Repair
  •     Air Conditioning Maintenance Service
  •     Air Conditioning Replacement & Installation
  •     Air Handler Repair
  •     Heat Pump Installation & Replacement
  •     24-Hour Heat Pump Repair

Air conditioning refers to the heating, cooling, ventilating and de-humidifying air. The “condition” of the air can be altered in any one of these processes. However, most people know the term in its relation to cooling warm air. Like a refrigerator, an air conditioner uses a heat transfer process to extract heat energy from the air and then replaces it with cooler air. The air is also moisture during this process.

What keeps us cool is the drier air the AC produces. For instance, sweat that evaporates from our skin is like our own heat transfer process. When the air is dry, the more efficient the evaporation process becomes.

As cold as Alberta gets, we can all relate to the joys of having nice cool air during the blistering hot summer days, and to maintain that cool air in its peek condition Call Us Today!

There are important benefits to commercial air conditioning maintenance:

  •         Efficiently running systems cost less to operate than their poorly maintained counterparts
  •         A properly maintained air conditioner has a longer lifespan than one that has been neglected
  •         Regular maintenance helps prevent and identify problems before they can affect your business

Did you know there are many routine commercial air conditioning maintenance tasks you can perform yourself?

  •         Ensure air filters are clean – Reduced airflow from a dirty filter forces your system to work harder. Changing or cleaning your air filter every two to three months cuts down on energy use and increases the lifespan of your system.
  •         Keep your system clean – Blocked airflow reduces efficiency. Clean the fins around your outdoor condensing unit with a soft broom to remove debris. Clear away weeds, plants, leaves, and other trash surrounding the unit, hosing it off every so often as well.
  •         Make sure that air is flowing freely – Perform the occasional visual inspection to ensure vents around your business are not blocked.
  •         Keep a maintenance log – Even if it's just a simple calendar, track performed and upcoming maintenance needs to ensure they are not overlooked.

Dynamite Heating & Air Conditioning Ltd provides Edmonton and the surrounding areas with high quality, low cost furnace and air conditioning service.
Our Heating and Air Conditioning servicing area includes Edmonton, Ardrossan, Ryley, Holden, Camrose, Tofield, and Sherwood Park.

Financing for your heating and air conditioning services is now available!